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(Click on name to get more information for some patriots)


Pvt Benjamin Culver (b Mar. 28, 1757, died Mar. 8, 1806) ~ buried in Center Street Cemetery, Wallingford, Conn.
Private David Foote, CT, killed in action at Norwalk
Pvt Israel Williams, CT Militia


Pvt Jacob Caulk, DE Continental Line



Samuel Bartlett, Public Service – Sealer of Leather, and Town Committee Member
Richard Keating, Patriotic Service -  Pvt, Maine Militia, Battle of Penobscot Bay


Alexander Duvall, Oath of Allegiance
Pvt Bennet Greenwell, MD Militia
Lt. Benjamin Mills
Timothy Reagan
Cyrus Vowels, Committee Member/Militia
Rev. John Whiteker, Sgt, MD Militia


Isaac Allen, Soldier and sailor
Dr. Richard Briggs, Public Service  
William Chandler
Ensign Willliam Cochrane, Captain Scott's Minute Men
Pvt James Conant, MA Line
Nathan Corey, MA Militia
Cpl Anthony Dike, Militia ~ buried in Burial Hill, Plymouth, Mass.
Lt. Joseph Flint, MA Militia
Pvt Seymour Kelsey, New Hampshire & Mass. Militia
Pvt Enoch Mudge, Militia
1st Lt. Josiah Stillman, MA Militia
Pvt John Taylor

New Hampshire

Joshua Bartlett, Signer of Loyalty Oath
Nehemiah Butler, Selectman 1778, 1779 Surveyor of Land
Pvt. Sylvanus Crowell, Capt. John Craig's Co., NJ Militia
Pvt Seymour Kelsey, New Hampshire & Mass. Militia
Moses Thurston, Sr.

New Jersey

Major Henry Axtell, Morris Co Militia
Pvt Phineas Ayer, Militia
Pvt Alexander Buchanan, NJ Militia
Pvt Sylvanus Crowell, Militia

Ens David Hand, NJ Militia
Pvt Samuel Monday/Mundy, Militia
James Slack, Sr., Paid Land Taxes 1779
Moses Thurston, Sr., NH Militia
Maj James Whitlock, NJ Continental Line
Pvt Benjamin Wilson, Captain Moffett's Company

New York

Pvt. Perry Greene, NY Regiment
Pvt Gabriel Strang, Militia  
Pvt Johannis Van Alen, 7th Regt, NY Militia

North Carolina

Capt. Abel Armstrong, NC Militia
Pvt Jacob Bass, Sr.
William Bates, Pvt, NC Militia
Samson Bethel, NC Militia & Surveyor
Kedar Biggs, Public Service
William Brown, Regulator
Pvt William Brown, Jr., Continental Line
Barnaby Cabe
William Cabe
Pvt William Cannon, Militia
Pvt Thomas Craig, Militia/Indian Spy Service
William Denham, Militia
John Fruit, NC Regulator
Pvt William Gannon
John Fushee Garner, Ranger
Thomas Gibbons, Militia
Thomas Gwaltney
Capt Richard Edmund Head, Militia
Pvt Isaac Hicks, Light Horse Regiment
Hezekiah Hobgood, Oath of Allegiance
Henry Holloday (Holliday), Public Service 
Richard Jacks, NC Militia
Major Hugh Kelso, NC Militia
Pvt John  Killian, NC Militia
Pvt Zacherias Lyerly, NC Militia
Pvt Seth Manes
LT Benjamin Mills
Captain Aaron Moore, NC Militia
Pvt William Moore, Jr.
Major John Nall, Chatham Militia
Pvt & LT John Piper, Militia
Basil Prather, Soldier, NC Militia & signed Oath
James Robson, Public Service  
John Roddy, NC Regiment
Pvt Alexander Roseberry, Cumberland Co. Militia
Henry Ruyle/Rule, Patriotic Service
Capt James Stevenson, Militia
David Flower Swift
Pvt. Andrew Turner, NC Militia
Pvt Thompson Vines, NC Militia
Jacb Wade, Justice of the Peace NC
John Ward, Sr.,Pvt NC Militia
Dempsey Welsh, furnished supplies
Capt. John Whiteside, Militia
Richard Williams, Patriotic Service
James Willis, Sr., Public Service
Pvt. Joel Willis, Sr., Militia  
Michael Woods, Member Court
Christopher Woodward, provided supplies
Capt Watkin William Wynn, NC Patrollers


Pvt Michael Arnold, PA Rifles
Andrew Boone, Militia
Pvt. Samuel Bowman, PA Militia
Pvt Richard Chamberlain, Pennsylvania Militia
Pvt William Chamberlain, Pennsyilvania Militia
Lt Col Isaac Cooke, PA Continental Line
Abraham Covalt, PA Militia
John Daws, Washington's Life Guard
Jacob Dreisbach, Pvt PA Militia
Martin Dreisbach, Sr. Overseer
John Gerberich, 6th and 9th PA Battalion
LT John Hardin, Continental Line
Martin Hardin, Drummer
2nd Lt. John Adam Heilman,Jr.,  Militia
Ezekiel Hopkins
Jacob Judy, Gunsmith
Jacob Kinder, PA Militia
Valentine Kohlman, PA Militia
Hardtman Leibengut, Paid taxes
Pvt. Thomas Montgomery, PA Regiment
Thomas Nuzum, Overseer of the Poor
Pvt Robert Patton, 7th Co., 1st Battalion, Cumberland Co.
Pvt. Abner Ramage, PA Militia
Elijah Rittenhouse, Ranger on the Frontier
Pvt. Alexander Roseberry, PA Militia
Nicholas Sagar, Militia
LT Johann Conrad Seiple, Militia
John Blancit Shacklett
Colonel Henry Spyker, Adjutant
Peter Spyker, President of Court
Pvt. Jeremiah Sullivan, 1st NC Regiment
Pvt. Benjamin Taylor, PA line
Jacob Wagner, Continental Line
Pvt Henry Winland/Windland, Rangers
Johan Nicholas Wolfe, PA Militia

Rhode Island

Benjamin Boss, Jr., Militia
Caleb Green
John Hoxey, Colonel
Pvt John Millard

South Carolina

Randolph Casey
Enoch Deason, SC Militia
George Dickey, Sr.
William Gaston
Cpl John Gilham, SC Continental Troops
John Gilham, Militia
Joshua Hadley
Pvt David Huggins
Elias Jaudon, SC Militia
Pvt John Adam LaGrone, Sr.


Enoch Deason


Adonijah Griswold
Moses Pearson (Pierson)


John Branner, Virginia Militia
Pvt Benoni Banning, VA Militia
Pvt Jarvis Bromagen  
James Bryan
Pvt John Andrew Bryan, Sr., Captains Leftwitch & Dixon Companies
Peter Challe. Virginia Militia
Capt Elijah Chisum, Sr., Militia
Augustine Comer, VA Militia
Charles Coppage, Supplied beef to Continental Army
George Cordell
Col. William Crawford, 5th and &th VA Infantry
Sgt. William Devin, VA Militia
Pvt George Dixon, Spy Service
Maj. John Frogge, Militia
Pvt Samuel Gilbert, VA Militia
Pvt Jacob Grotts, VA Militia
Samuel Hall, Oath of Allegiance
Frederick Hanger, Sr., furnished supplies
Pvt William Hatton, Calvary
Pvt William Hensley, Militia
Maj. Thomas Hines, Militia
George Hottel, Militia  
Pvt Josiah Jackson, Calvary wagon master
Mary Anne Jackson, Supplied beef
James Johnson
Pvt James Lemen, Sr., VA Militia
Brumfield Long,VA Militia
Sgt Benjamin Menees, First VA Regt Continental Line
John "Raccoon" Miller
Abraham Musick, Furnished Supplies
Pvt Elisha Oglesby, Militia
Enoch Osborne, Militia
Moses Pearson, VA Militia
Cpl Edward Poe, VA Militia
Elijah Rittenhouse
Pvt Alexandert Rudder, 1st VA Regiment
Thomas Shockley, VA Militia
Pvt Stephen Stone, VA Militia
Pvt William Sturman, VA Militia
  David Tichenal
Pvt Thomas Ballard Wyatt, VA Continental Line
Pvt Daniel Windle, VA Militia
Christopher Zumwalt

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